Malaysian Faceseat

A true story about Malaysia's No1 Past-time

Chapter 1

At last, he had the Internet.

It had to happen. Buying magazines from the “top shelf” was beginning to become tedious and expensive.

Christopher sat at home in front of his PC. He had bought it for one reason, and for one reason only. It was not because he wanted to surf the Internet for all the wonderful websites and all the knowledge it had to offer. It was not because he wanted to be able to communicate, to send e-mails, to chat online. It was not even because he liked music or because of the films he might be able to download – at least, not the majority of them. He had bought it with just one desire in mind, and everything else was irrelevant.

His throat was dry as he set up the equipment. He had the installation CD that would enable him to connect to the Internet. His requirements were not complicated. The simple service offered by the most basic provider would be more than sufficient, which is why he had not even bothered to find out if what he was getting would be the best value for money. He simply picked up a free CD from the local supermarket.

He was nervous. He really did not know what to expect. He had heard rumours, of course. Everything was available on the Internet, somewhere. What he wanted was a little special; to him, very special. Perhaps it was not legal on the Internet, or perhaps it would be difficult to find. It was so simple, so straightforward, really. What was the matter with the world? Why was it that what he craved most was not simply there, ready, in front of him, taking him to be what he always wanted to be and…

It was done. His nerve had held.

“Do you want to sign on?” his PC asked him.

Trembling all over, he answered, “Yes” and entered his password: “Tongueherbutt”.

He shuddered at the sight of the word as he typed it onto the screen. He had thought of it so quickly when the installation told him he needed to create a password. Yet, now? His penis was already halfway to being fully erect. What a feeling! He gave it a quick “up and down”.

He was new to the Internet, and he fumbled with the computer mouse and keyboard as he tried urgently to reach what he needed. A search engine, that was it. And there it was. He entered the word “facesitting”, and clicked “Search”.

Sweat poured down his forehead and down his back. His tee shirt was soaked and dark – as if his body was trying to expose his desire to anyone who chanced to look from behind him and over his shoulder. Of course, no one was there in that room with him; a room rented from a nice lady of Ipoh origin – a lady to whom Christopher would give his right testicle to be allowed to worship in the way he considered ALL women should be worshipped, and that was…

About a hundred and seventy-one thousand pages match your search.

“Where the hell do I start?”

At the top, obviously. Wikipedia. What’s that? Ah, it seems to be some sort of encyclopaedia.

Facesitting, also known as queening, is a sexual practice in which a sexual partner sits on or over the other partner’s face, typically to allow oral-genital or oral-anal contact. It is common for this position to form part of BDSM, involving dominance and submission, though this need not be the case.

Facesitting is most common among dominant women and submissive men, as a form of demonstrating superiority as well as for sexual gratification. It is also practiced by vanilla couples, who use this position for woman on top cunnilingus (with the woman kneeling over the man, and sitting on his upper chest rather than face), or irrumatio and teabagging. The difference between facesitting and the similar practice of smothering is that in the latter, the partner being smothered is deprived of air, while facesitting does not necessarily involve oxygen deprivation. The full-weight body-pressure, moisture, feminine odors and darkness can be perceived as powerful sexual attractions or compulsions. The person sat upon may or may not be in bondage, sexually submissive, or simply held down by the body-weight of the other person. Sometimes special furniture is used, such as a smotherbox or queening stool.

Facesitting is a common theme in the works of Japanese fetish artist Namio Harukawa, and is also a common theme in erotic magazines and films.

Christopher was ecstatic! What a result! With his mouth salivating, he progressed through the listed websites, and actually managed to reach number six before he shot his load, helped, of course, by the vigorous thrusting of his organ that was unbelievably erect and seemed almost to have a life of its own.

A noise on the stairs made him rush for the bathroom, but not before he had quickly minimised his screen.

“Christopher? Christopher – are you in?”

The door opened swiftly, as she always did, and then she knocked on it.

“Damn!” In his haste to see pictures of his lifelong fetish, Christopher had forgotten to lock the door.

“Yes, Ms Li. Come in,” Christopher squeaked from the bathroom.

“Ah! So… you have your new PC, no? Very nice. May I?”

“Ahhhh… Wait. I will be with you in a minute, Ms Li.”

Christopher’s rapid wiping and washing was not rapid enough. Ms Li strode over to the new toy, her rotund and protruding buttocks swaying as if trying to break free from the very thin and revealing black pantyhose and short skirt.

“No worries, Christopher. Now, let me see…ah yes… there we are.” She sat down heavily on the small chair in front of the PC, making it groan in protest… or was it desire? She fiddled with the keyboard and mouse.

“I have always wanted my tenant to get me one of theses things, Christopher… you see, it would help me with my business. All I have at the moment is….”

Ms Li’s voice tailed off into silence.

“WHAT…?” She boomed suddenly. “What is this, Christopher?”

Now, too late, standing at the door of the bathroom with a towel around his midriff, Christopher could see that Ms Li had brought up his search page full screen. He stuttered, but no coherent words came out.

“So! We have a pervert for a tenant, do we Christopher?”

Ms Li turned the creaking swivel chair with her voluptuous bottom, raising her left eyebrow at Christopher. There was something vaguely like a smile on her lips.

“I… I… was… just…”

“No need to explain, Christopher. I KNOW what YOU were doing! ‘Facesitting’? Well, that’s a little unusual isn’t it, darling?”

Christopher’s eyes were fixed on Ms Li’s right black nylon thigh, now fully visible to the top of her hip. He couldn’t see any panties; just pantyhose. Christopher swallowed hard, trying to think of what he should say. His throat had already been dry with the excitement of what he had found on the Internet, but now it felt as though it was closing up completely. Even if he could have found the right words, to speak them would have been impossible for him.

“Is this some sort of interest of yours that I do not know about, Christopher?”

Her other eyebrow rose, and Christopher’s mouth and throat began to feel not unlike the surface of the Sahara Desert.

“We share a passion – obviously…” her voice tailed off, and then, “Come with me, NOW… and leave the towel!”

Christopher followed, stumbling over the dropped towel and hastening to fasten the zip on his denims.


Chapter 2

Ms Li led Christopher upstairs, to her personal quarters – a place where he had never before ventured. The stairs creaked loudly, a familiar sound that Christopher heard very often as his landlady used them. He remembered he had never heard more than one set of footsteps going up of down, which struck him as peculiar. Given her great beauty, he’d imagined that Ms Li was married.

“Come in Christopher”, Ms Li encouraged him as they reached her door and she unlocked it. Once in, she turned to face him, her hands on her wide hips.

“Now Christopher,” she said, “I want you to go through there, BUT NOT, and I repeat NOT, to say anything or to do anything. This is very important. Do you understand?”

“Yes, Ms Li. I suppose so…”

“Good! Get in there.”

Ms Li pointed to a side room off the main entrance hall to her rather grand apartment. The sheer beauty of the décor and ornamentation astonished Christopher, and in this particular room the sight that met him took his breath away. The room, painted in deep crimson, was adorned by numerous framed drawings of rather small Asian ladies sitting on the faces of male slaves who were without exception much larger in stature. In the centre of the room was a leather-topped, narrow table, about three feet high, and upon this table was a heavily restrained man.

“Meet my last tenant, Christopher,” said Ms Li, as though making polite introductions at a society tea party. “I sit on his face quite a lot, so I prefer to keep him in this position most of the time.”

Christopher was stunned. What could he say?

“The thing is, Christopher,” Ms Li continued, “I fear that I am wearing him out. Just look at his face – all red and blistered. I only sit on him for 14 hours a day and as you can see he blisters up and goes all red. That’s a great pity, don’t you think?”

“I… I… don’t really know Ms Li. I…” Christopher’s brain could not absorb the reality of the dream that now faced him. The other tenant’s groaning and the pleading look in the eyes shook Christopher out of his illusions.

Just he thought he had worked out what he wanted to say, there was a loud SLAP. Ms Li’s well aimed backhand struck accurately and very severely across her bound tenant’s face.

“He needs another sitting!” she declared.

With that, Ms Li hiked up her skirt and stepped into the stirrups hanging down either side of the “seatmount”, as she liked the framework to be called. With remarkable agility, she swung her right leg over the prone face of her tenant quickly plonked her magnificent derriere right onto his face, her anus pressed brutally against his upturned but very bruised nose. Her moistening jewel engulfed his lower face with only her moist, black pantyhose separating her from him.

“Ahhhhhhhh!” Ms Li sighed loudly. “This is what I crave, Christopher, and that is why I have my tenant restrained here on this table. I sit on his face regularly, every day. His nose must be against my anus for at least ten hours. I demand that he spend four hours as a minimum with his tongue up my backside, but that’s where he fails. Of course I whip him hard. Of course I beat his testicles… but still he is not good enough.”

“And, of course,” she continued, “I piss all over his face and down his throat, but still he fails to insert his tongue properly into my magnificent arse! It is easy to facesit him and to force him to smell me. It is no problem to control his breathing, to smother him whenever I wish, but to make his tongue do as I wish it to do is quite an impossible task. He will never do it properly, despite the pain, and that’s why I keep him tied up like this – the bastard WILL do it properly. Eventually.”

With that, Ms Li started to gyrate rhythmically backwards and forwards upon her tenant’s compressed and smothered face, making guttural sounds as she moved. Somehow, the noises she made seemed to Christopher to match her actions perfectly, as her tenant suffered and his bruising was undoubtedly increasing with every move she made.

Christopher felt light headed. Ms Li, even through her orgasmic motions, realised the effect she was having on him. She slowed to a gentle rocking, taking the opportunity to reflect on the possibilities. She opened her eyes wide, and gazed at her now-shaking tenant.

“So, Christopher? What do you think?”

“I… I… I don’t know wha…”

“Perhaps you wish you were my faceseat?”

Her question was direct. It was deliberate. It had not taken Ms Li long to work out the potential she had with such a man living downstairs. She already knew that Christopher was a regular masturbator. Although he had no idea she had seen him, much less that she watched him regularly, the truth was that she could see in through his windows from hers on the higher floor, and she had made the most of opportunity to watch. She had taken note of everything she saw.

A sudden gasp from beneath her made Ms Li extremely angry. She raised her body, and then dropped her heavy buttocks down onto the face of her tenant.


Her tenant groaned. His mistress’s full weight was never easy to take, and those magnificent buttocks came close to crushing his skull when she pounded down onto him. Her aroma intoxicated him, blurring his senses. Her bottom had filled his vision and had pressed down onto his face for many thousands of hours in total since she had first introduced him to her preferred form of subjugation.

“Mmmmmphhhhhhh!” was the only sound the tenant could make.

“Of course… there is always an alternative!”

Ms Li eyed Christopher questioningly as he still stood transfixed at what he was seeing, swaying to and fro slightly.

“Ms Li…?” Christopher asked stupidly.

“Yes. YOU!!!”

“Me, Ms Li?”

“Yes, you Christopher. I am sure YOU will agree to become my seat, AND I have no doubt that you will obediently use your tongue where and when I demand it. Would you do that? Would you put your tongue right up my backside as and when I demand it? I think so. And then, you see, I might possibly go a little more gently on my poor squashed tenant. I think that would be a very good thing. Don’t you agree it would be a very good thing?”

Ms Li paused, waiting for a reply from Christopher. None came, so she continued:

“So, are you game? Or not? Of course, you know that if you don’t agree then I would have no hesitation in making sure everyone knows all about your little fetish. Do you think that might be difficult for you? Just remember it when you make your decision, won’t you?”

Christopher’s gaze was drawn to the reddened forehead of the tenant, just visible from beneath his mistress’s spreading buttocks. The forehead showed just how completely crushed under her he really was. It was turning a deep purple. Ms Li sat, picking at her nails, seemingly oblivious to the suffering underneath her. Her eyes flitted from her beautiful hands, to Christopher and then back again. Her smile was bewitching, but for her tenant there was no relief from the crushing weight on top of him. It was as if her bottom was becoming part of the face beneath her; that was her way, and that was how she wanted it to be.

“Gravity is a wonderful thing, Christopher. Don’t you agree?”

“You’ll kill him, Ms Li!”

The tenant’s shuddering form was evidence of his desperate need for air.

“Oh, I don’t think so. I never let it get to that stage. Look, he still has a bit more submission in him right now.” And with that, Ms Li pressed down even more heavily on the face of her poor enslaved seat-tenant, squeezing her buttocks onto him so powerfully that it made the leather table creak under the strain.

The tenant was on the edge; on the edge of consciousness. Whilst he knew that his mistress’s sitting desire was extreme, he also knew from experience that she may let him pass out. For a seat to pass out was, from Ms Li’s point of view, amusing. A good queening or smothering Mistress didn’t have to keep the slave conscious at all times. After all, if he was unconscious, he was still in service. The only drawback with passing out was that there was absolutely no chance of her seat providing proper worship with his tongue if he were unconscious, and at present that was most definitely what she still sought.

Her buttocks lifted suddenly, and The tenant gasped and coughed heavily, much in the way a half-drowned man might gasp and cough as he was revived by a lifeguard..

“You see Christopher,” Ms Li explained, once again as calm as if explaining to the vicar how to make a perfect cup of tea, “I know what I’m doing when it comes to facesitting. Does it surprise you to hear me use that word? Does it stir anything in you? I KNOW it does!”

All Christopher could do was to stare at the spluttering tenant. The man was beaten, straining at his bonds weakly, fingers stretching out to some nonexistent saviour. He began to cry loudly and to plead, “No more. Please… No more… M…Mistress. Goddess… My Sitting Goddess… N…No more, I beg you…”

His words faded away. He had been taught to refer to his mistress at all times as his “Sitting Goddess” and he kept to that as much as he could, even when his senses were confused and fading.

Christopher looked at Ms Li. She smiled sweetly, and dismounted from her prone tenant. She walked slowly towards Christopher.

“I will offer you one concession, Christopher. If you agree to become my permanent seat in place of my tenant, I will not charge you any more rent at all. But be warned: once I strap you down, I will keep you there. You will be allowed three toilet breaks per day and two food breaks. I will check on you and enforce the conditions rigorously. You will be punished underneath me (and, believe me, I can administer a punishment far worse than anything you have seen or anything you could possibly imagine) if you incur my displeasure. You see, Christopher, I want to spend my time sitting on a man. I want him to do as I desire, and my desires are quite intense. I have no other demands on my time. I earn enough income from the other apartments in this building so that I do not have to work elsewhere. That is my advantage. I am self-contained. I need nothing, except a worthwhile seat.”

Her pleasant smile never faltered as she spoke, but Christopher did not underestimate the seriousness of what she was proposing.

“Well? What is it to be?”

Christopher looked down into the eyes of the prone tenant, whose pleading look said it all. Then he thought of the images he had seen so briefly on his PC. Any of those male (or, indeed, female) slaves he had seen with bottoms on their faces would no doubt jump at the chance of such an offer as Ms Li had just made him. It was the ultimate fantasy: to be under such a superior and beautifully majestic being as she.

“OK,” Christopher agreed, his voice no more than a whisper.

“Excellent!” Ms Li growled, placing her right hand under Christopher’s chin and lifting his head to the ceiling. “Yes, I can use a face like yours. Now, put out your tongue. Quickly!”

Christopher did as she demanded, and received a nod of approval from his soon-to-be sitter. Again she said, “Excellent!” and told him to unstrap the tenant from his restrained position. She pushed Christopher’s face away from her as she issued the command, leaving him in no doubt that her orders were to be followed now, as in the future, without delay. Christopher quickly did as he was told, noticing at the same time how tight the tenant’s bonds were and how marked his skin was where the tight straps had restrained his prone and weakened body. He also noticed the tenant’s once proud and prominent nose, and realised how flattened it now appeared. No doubt it had been reduced to a fraction of its former splendour, if ‘splendour’ was the right word for an oversized nose, by the regular grinding from the bottom of his tigress-like mistress. “Thank you. Oh, thank you so much. I’m so…”

“Quiet, seat!” Ms Li cut short the stream of gratitude from her tenant. “And you, Christopher, get down to your apartment. You have five minutes to collect your wash things. That is all you will need. You can bin the rest, except for your stereo and the new PC. Bring those up here too. Now, HURRY!” She pushed Christopher through the doorway with her booted heel, and continued to push him to the stairs. He lost his footing as she prodded him down towards his apartment, and fell most of the way. “Ha!!” Ms Li called after him. “You will not be doing that again soon. All you’re going to be seeing for a very long time is my smooth flesh, not wooden steps. At least you won’t fall off that!”

Christopher’s mind was a blur, as was his vision. He clambered to his feet unsteadily and entered his apartment. So great was his confusion that for some time he could not remember where to find his PC, and he wandered about aimlessly in a daze. It was only when the screensaver cut in that he saw it and remembered where it was. He went to it immediately and moved the mouse to clear the screen, and a picture flashed on the monitor. He stared at it. An enslaved male was having his face heavily sat on by an Amazonian Mistress who crushed his features beneath her. It seemed to be asking him: “Do you really want this?”

“You are taking far too long” Ms Li’s voice travelled easily down the stairs and through his apartment. “My bottom is waiting. It is NOT a good idea to let that happen, seat. Get up here RIGHT NOW!!” Christopher found it impossible to carry everything at once as she had told him to do. Resigned to suffering some form of punishment for his disobedience, he slowly ascended the stairs to Ms Li’s lair. His future was decided for him and he had to follow his destiny, although whether it was really Fate that had taken a hand or whether this was all his own free choice was far from clear in his mind. “Where is the rest?” Ms Li enquired, her face intense to a degree he had never encountered before now. “I couldn’t carry it,” Christopher replied simply.

“Kahan! Kahan!” she shouted. “Go and get the rest of this seat’s stuff NOW!!” Her tenant rushed down the flight of stairs, his years of immobility, as Ms Li had told Christopher, hardly slowing him down at all now that he had been released. It was obvious that the fear of whatever she might do to him if he did not carry out her orders promptly and efficiently spurred him on with a sharpness that could not be blunted by mere discomfort or lack of muscle power. Ms Li turned her attention to Christopher. “Right, and as for you, get undressed, NOW!” Christopher obeyed, his mind still racing. Should he leave? Should he go now while he still had the chance? But, if he went, where would he go? It was impossible. Having gone this far, he had little choice but to continue, but even so there was something in the back of his minds urging him to get as far away from Ms Li as his legs would carry him. As if reading his mind, his Mistress spoke again: “And, if you think you can run, you can just forget it! I would have hold of you in a moment and, believe me, your suffering would be a thousand times worse than anything you’ll experience if you behave yourself. Get on my seatmount, and don’t even think of disobeying me!” Christopher struggled with the last of his clothing until finally one sock and then the other dropped to the floor.

“Hmmm! That’s a pretty pathetic cock you have there, seat! You seriously call yourself a male? Ha! You’re nothing but a wanking addict, I’d say. Excited by those pictures you were looking at, were you? It’s not important anyway. You can forget all of that now. All I have to do is to decide how I’m going to begin.” Christopher stood motionless, his head bowed. As she uttered the last few words, Ms Li stroked her buttocks with both hands and then slowly and deliberately she peeled down her black pantyhose. “Get behind me!” she ordered. Christopher sped behind her. Her voice was so commanding that his movement was more a reflex than a conscious effort to obey. Ms Li saw it, and smiled to herself. “A good sign,” she thought, as she parted her voluminous buttocks. “On your knees, and push your tongue in. Get on with it, quickly now!”

Christopher’s eyes were fixed on Ms Li’s stretched buttocks, the dark crevice between, and the moist pink vagina that winked at and beckoned at him. Nothing else seemed to exist. He had seen such pictures in magazines and fleetingly on the Internet. “POV” or “Pussy On View”, they were called. So this was as he had imagined it, to be under and behind a female in this situation; but to be behind such a dominant and gorgeous creature as Ms Li with her so magnificent and pouting derriere, was beyond Christopher’s wildest imaginings. His nostrils were soon full of the womanly scent of the vision before him. Ms Li released her buttocks, and they bounced a little against his face as she pushed backwards, inviting Christopher’s further into her behind. “How is my aroma?” asked Ms Li. “You can smell me?”

Christopher’s reply was slightly muffled, but audible. “Yes, Ms Li.” “And? What do you think?” “It is wonderful, Ms Li.” Christopher made the mistake of withdrawing his face from the buttocks to speak more clearly and to get a little air. “THAT’S YOUR FIRST TEST FAILED!” Ms Li shouted. She pushed her buttocks further backwards, pressing forcefully against Christopher and bearing down on him so that he ended up on the floor. “WHEN YOU ARE WORSHIPPING MY BOTTOM YOU WILL WORSHIP MY BOTTOM AND NOTHING ELSE. YOU WILL NOT REMOVE YOUR FACE FROM THERE UNTIL I GIVE YOU PERMISSION TO MOVE!” Ms Li shouted.

Chapter 3

“Get on the seatmount quickly. I’ll tie you down and then we can begin.”  Christopher, now prone on the seatmount with one of her hands at his throat, felt a strap being pulled across his upper chest. With a deft movement, Ms Li released his throat, and caught hold of the other end of the strap to yank it tight through the heavy buckle at the side. More straps, seven of them in all, followed. Christopher’s whole body was held securely, and then his hands were separately strapped to the side of the seatmount. A further strap, wider this time and with stirrups attached was thrown across his mid-chest and secured, tightly once more, as a rider would secure a horse’s saddle. Ms Li then moved level with Christopher’s head and fed a smaller strap through two loops, one either side of his head so that the strap pressed across his forehead. She did the same with a strap across Christopher’s throat. This last strap not quite so tight, but it was fitted in a way that enabled the sitter to tighten it whenever she wanted, as Ms Li demonstrated as she finished.

“Now, what about the theme? What should be the theme?” It was a rhetorical question, and Christopher knew it. “Ah, or course! Let me fetch my beige seamed pantyhose, my brown riding crop, my riding boots and my riding hat!”

Ms Li inspected the restraints. She tightened one or two, making Christopher groan under the increased pressure. She liked a taut saddle when she was intending to have a long ride. Very lightly, she lifted Christopher’s flaccid penis as if picking a maggot off a joint of meat. “Your balls will need shaving, seat. And, by the way, as you are now a seat, a mere thing to be sat upon, I do not expect you to converse with me ever again, even if I should ask you a specific question. Do you understand? Many people talk to inanimate things and that’s what you are: INANIMATE!! So, I can sit on you constantly without objection.”

Ms Li stood there looking every bit a proper country lady, the small peak of her riding hat drawn down just above her eyes and riding crop held across her full buttocks. Instead of jodhpurs she wore beige pantyhose. Ms Li strode over to her mount. The leather strained as one of his Mistress’s booted feet stepped into one stirrup. Like a keen rider mounting her horse, Ms Li’s bottom, full, nylon-coated and much of it ballooning out of Christopher’s range of vision, plonked itself hard onto him. His nose found itself compressed back into his face as Ms Li’s expert positioning forced Christopher’s nostrils again to acquaint themselves with her covered anus. Immediately, the warmth of the sitter’s body, her extreme weight and the well-absorbed smell of her buttocks sent Christopher into a semi-dream world state, a state of extreme pleasure but at the same time a state of extreme unease. Surely he could not stand ten hours of this without a break? More terrifying still was the four hours of anal penetration that Ms Li had talked about. Surely she would go easy on him? His jaw was already feeling the pressure, as was his forehead and his eye sockets. Stars began to flash across his now darkened vision as the bottom on his face sat motionless for two minutes.

Unknowingly, Ms Li answered the question for Christopher. She was well aware that her seat needed to breathe, and she took the opportunity of the slight lift from his face to reach down and to turn a switch that Christopher had not noticed. In fact, although Christopher did not know it, there was far more to this seatmount of Ms Li’s than met the eye. Underneath the table top there was a complex mechanism that had its origins at wild-west cowboy conventions. In its original form, it would have been part of a “bucking bronco” or a “Rodeo Bull” ride, and Ms Li had adapted it very skilfully to become an integral part of this bondage table. All the mechanical parts were hidden beneath a leather skirt surrounding the machinery. Christopher had assumed the hanging leather at the sides of the table was only for decoration or effect, but its existence was for a far more sinister reason than that.

The switch thrown, Ms Li sat back onto Christopher’s face as the machinery whirred into life. She had placed the “degree of difficulty” switch onto its first setting, having no desire to be thrown from her mount so early in his training. It was not that she expected to be thrown, and indeed she had successfully remained seated on Kahan with the setting up to nine out of the ten possible degrees of spinning, bucking difficulty. If only Christopher had known what it was on that day when he heard the most fearful noise in the apartment above him! He had wondered, and then put it down to Ms Li doing her washing in her noisy washing machine combined with a spin dryer – for the fourth time that day. It had seemed odd, but he had never though to question his completely incorrect assumption.

The bucking motion began in rhythmic spurts and jerks. On this setting, the mechanism would not spin, and Ms Li closed her eyes while the machine bounced her tightly pantyhosed bottom on the face beneath her. Not only would the bouncing give her new seat the chance to breath, albeit very briefly as she bucked, it meant that he could do so without much loss of compression of his face under her buttocks. Thus, the feeling of his squashed face and nose against her anus was always with her. Besides, every few seconds and going with the machine, she would deliberately sit down hard as her seat dropped, meeting the rapid upward movement as it lifted once again. This kept the pressure on the seat and did not give him the idea that he could simply walk through the ride, as it were.

“Aahhhhh! Yes, that’s nice now, Seat! We’re going to have a nice long ride together. The timer is set for three hours. I DO NOT WANT TO HEAR ANY SOUND other than the motors of the seatmount and the creaking leather of the stirrups, except, perhaps, the occasional sound of my riding crop on your flesh if I decide your bollocks need it! DO YOU UNDERSTAND?” Christopher recalled the previous warning about not speaking, and was undecided whether or not a direct question like this required a reply. He was about to answer, but Ms Li’s bottom crashed into his face just as he began to move his mouth. She felt the movement, but allowed him the benefit of the doubt on this occasion. “It was lucky for him that my bottom squashed him when it did!” she thought. “Good!” Ms Li adjusted her position on the face beneath her. She needed to have perfection, and she was not too far from achieving it. She could now settle in for a long, long ride as the machine peaked at its regular jerking motion, that accompanied the bouncing flesh of her large thighs and voluminous buttocks as they crashed every one and a half seconds on to the face beneath her. “Yummy!” she uttered.

After thirty minutes of the trotting motion, the effect of Ms Li’s regular pounding on Christopher’s face produced an almost trance-like state. His restraints meant that he could not do anything other than lift a finger or two, and certainly nothing that would help him out of his predicament. After each dozen or so bottom drops, Ms Li now ground back and forth on his face, abrading nylon against skin, not rising at all as the next uplift gave upward momentum to her hind quarters and the bucking continued. The picture to an outsider would be as if the supreme sitter were mashing the features under her, deliberately fighting the motion of the machine. It reinforced her sitting addiction, and she had a name for it: “Saddle Grinding”. Then, when the next upwards jolt came along, she knew that the face underneath her had reddened twice as much as the last time and she began the heavy bouncing again. Her aim was a purple face after one hour, almost blue after two, and then at the end of three there was no telling how he might look, or what state he would be in. “Are you enjoying the ride, seat?” The rhetorical question reached Christopher’s ears indistinctly through the pounding he was receiving and above squeaking of leather and machine. Even if he had wanted to answer, and even if he had been permitted to answer, it simply was not within his capabilities at that moment. Ms Li’s massive and awe-inspiring behind now pummelling his features and leaving scent after scent deep within his nostrils was in total control of his senses.

“Good,” said Ms Li as though he had replied anyway, “Then let’s knock the machine up a notch or two, shall we?” Christopher’s brain squealed a big “NO!” His nose was now swollen and undoubtedly very bruised. His lips felt the compression of Ms Li’s now very moist crotch. She could not possibly turn up the machine without doing serious damage to him. Surely she was joking? He heard a click, and then another, and then another. Three? Had she really turned it all the way to the fourth setting? Still the device did not spin but as well as bucking up and down far more violently, it also now swung from side to side. The face banging he was receiving turned into a serious pounding at three heavy bounces per second.

The steady trot had turned into a gentle gallop, and as she galloped Ms Li put her crop to use as though encouraging her mount forward. A series of sharp, well-aimed strokes of the crop landed on Christopher’s balls as Ms Li settled into the new rhythm. Christopher squealed, but no one heard him. Ms Li’s impressive backside soaked up all the sound. Ms Li’s pearl-white teeth glistened, her lips drawn back into a smile of absolute pleasure. She imagined that at least one or two of the “Namio” ladies in the pictures on the walls of this room were becoming moist between their own legs as they, in accompaniment to her, smothered and punished their own slaves in they only way they could: heavy, heavy face sitting. The vision of their excitement enhanced her own, and she squealed in ecstasy, realising at the same time that she was only a sixth of the way through this ride in her beige pantyhose. “Brilliant!” she mouthed.

Christopher could no longer comprehend what had hit him as the bouncing and all-encompassing derriere pounded on his face. His face felt as though it were sucked in between her buttock cheeks; as if his entire being were swallowed by her glorious ass. At every twelfth bounce, Ms Li pushed down and held her position on him for twelve further jolts, her bottom forced into Christopher’s features against the powerful uplifts of the machine. It was like a battle of the Titans, with Christopher caught in the middle. His nose was being hit by a professional boxer, except that this heavyweight champion wore riding gear and not red leather boxing gloves. Ms Li’s rear crevice was ideally sized and located to absorb all of Christopher’s face as she concentrated on her ride, rigorous, vigorous, determined, indomitable and steady. After each twelve jolts with her bum permanently pressed onto Christopher’s sweating face as the machine threw them both up and down together, Ms Li rose a little ready for the next twelve violent. Christopher sucked in the air he so desperately needed and then, before his breathing had even partly recovered, it started again. Banging, thudding, pounding, bashing, smothering;  queening, straining, sitting, riding? Cantering! Cantering! Cantering! Plonk! And all in twelve seconds. Grind? and a squeal from above at the same moment as the pressure forced Christopher’s features as flat as they could go, again for a further twelve seconds?

“Aaaaahhh! Your first hour is up, seat! Two more to go – before I shed some clothing that is!” Ms Li straightened her riding hat. It had become slightly dislodged at some point during the past ten minutes. “We’ll try level five, I think!” Christopher saw the musky haunches lift from his battered face as Ms Li leaned down for the switch. He saw the dark shadow all along her rear crevice, and wondered vaguely whether she had become very damp or whether it was simply created by her shapely buttocks. In fact, it was a combination of the two factors, as Christopher guessed as soon as the sudden rush of cold air started to dry his moistened features. He felt the machine go up a gear, but Ms Li remained half-standing in the stirrups. Her eyes gazed down into his and then, with a sweetness that defied her position and attitude, she smiled and blew a kiss to his well-sat-on face. “Your face looks a little hot, seat. Do you want a break?”

Christopher eyes answered her question as the jerking buttocks above him fought with the moving ceiling for the focus of his dazed vision. Despite his bemused state, he remembered that he should not make any verbal reply, even through he was desperate for a reprieve. He hardly dared hope that perhaps this was not going to be as bad as its start – and the state Kahan appeared to be in – had threatened. “Okay, you can have it.” With a force that surpassed everything Christopher had so far experience, Ms Li’s bottom rammed down again onto Christopher’s face. He groaned in pain, and his groans became staccato as the bouncing bottom interrupted the sound every quarter of a second. The increased motion on this new setting on the machine brought waves of pleasure to the sitter. She smiled evilly between gasps, and the four-jolt-a-second motion began to flatten the soft tissue of Christopher’s nose now that its somewhat harder inside had lost some of its resistance. She would soon have her fifth orgasm. “NOW! I’ll give you one hour exactly of this gallop before I put the seatmount through its rotational paces. You’ll like that I think! Kahan used to cry when I did it to him. I expect better of you, seat!”

Still sticking to a “twelve” combination, Ms Li now decreased the time between her Saddle-Grindings, now undertaking that particular exercise every three seconds but then giving Christopher no air at all for twenty-four seconds. During such times, her buttocks gyrated as if in a vibrating exercise belts of the type that some ladies use to trim their buttocks. She had discovered that by conducting her sitting in this way, especially on a face even where the nose was flattened, it assisted her in keeping her bottom in prime position to absorb the four-per-second shudders. That, in turn, meant that she was not in direct contact with the machine, and so the face beneath her was absorbing a good deal of the motion from the back of its head, especially with her weight atop of it. The result was that her bottom’s shape had bloomed over the past two and a half years into something that was quite reminiscent of two closely entwined basket balls, with just as much bounce as any basket ball every had! She had no need of implants to improve her shape. In fact, to be honest about it, she could quite probably have donated most of her bottom to create another like her with just as much smothering capability. Christopher could stand it no more. After the first twenty-four second grind, he cried out as his sitter lifted. She screamed back at him, “YOU BASTARD! YOU DO NOT DO THAT. WHAT HAVE I TOLD YOU?!”

With that, Ms Li sat squarely on the face beneath her as the machine continued with its relentless bucking. Her buttocks looked as though they were absorbing rocket propelled grenades as they became one with the machine. This time, however, she did not lift after twenty-four seconds. At one minute, Christopher was wriggling furiously despite his tight bonds. At one minute and thirty seconds, Christopher was almost done for. The rush of air to his face as his sitter lifted was the only reminder he needed not to make any sound however bad his pain became. “Got the message, seat? Good. And so I will continue.” Sitting back down hard on the crumpled features beneath her, Ms Li recommenced her twenty-four second routine.

The continual force and pounding of Ms Li’s bottom had now reached a level where Christopher could no longer feel any pain. All he felt was absolute pressure as the twelve buttock-bounces hit his face every three seconds, followed by twenty-four seconds of smothering “Saddle Grinding”. Even when the large bottom lifted from his face, albeit only briefly, the feeling of the oppressive bottom-flesh still invaded Christopher’s senses as he bucked as one with the machine and his rider. “You’re nearly there, seat. We’re approaching the end of your first trot! Mind you, this has been just to ‘break you in’!”

The sound of Ms Li’s laughter cascaded around the apartment. As with a real horse rider approaching the stables down a country lane after a two-hour canter, Ms Li allowed her heavy bottom to squash down on Christopher’s face as she turned the control switch back to level one again. This meant that her bottom was in full contact with Christopher’s features constantly, but that there was still the varying pressure from her buttocks as she relaxed her limbs and gave out a long sigh. Her journey was coming to an end; or, at least, the first part of it was coming to an end.

“A good ride, seat! Very good! There is just time for the seatmount to recover, and then we’ll go a-galloping good and proper! First though, I MUST change out of this sweaty gear!” With that, the machine was switched off. It came to a whirring halt and gave out a slight hiss. Ms Li’s bottom loomed briefly above him, and then disappeared as she swung her right leg back over his forehead and dismounted. The left stirrup creaking again with the strain of her Amazonian frame.

Christopher tried to blink, desperately needing to clear the wetness from his eyes. He could hardly open or close them. The violent motion and heavy pressure his face had endured for the last three hours had left him gazing hopelessly out of half-open eyelids that seemed to have lost the power either to open or to close properly. He gave up. His face felt so bludgeoned that he just had to lie there and accept his fate. What the hell had he been doing accepting the invitation to submit to all of this?

Chapter 4

Christopher twitched briefly as Ms Li’s left foot once again stepped into the left stirrup. She swung her nylon bottom over Christopher’s features, and sat quickly. Immediately, what was left of Christopher’s nose entered her back passage, this time much more easily. The black nylon pantyhose were of impossibly low denier and as a refreshing change from the 15 denier material of Ms Li’s beige pantyhose, and the smell of her anus was far stronger. She ensured that she was positioned so that Christopher’s received the maximum effect, with his nose in the optimum position. “Exit to entrance” she often used to think at such times, “How fitting!” This was not before Christopher had caught a glimpse of Ms Li’s legs and thick thighs, encased in black nylon, crossing close to his eyes, and the effect on him was immediate. Despite his predicament, such a sight was still highly arousing for him, and that, indeed, was just as Ms Li intended. The ride that was to follow such brief arousing moments was far from being simply erotic, and she knew very well that the effect on the restrained male seat was heightened by the false, fleeting hope of something far gentler and far more erotic. Once more she smiled knowing, her weight now resting fully on the tortured face beneath her. She leaned forward, briefly relieving Christopher of her weight, and move the switch forward to its sixth position. The seatmount sprang into life. It now seemed much quicker – and much quieter. The room began to spin? and spin? and spin.

Ms Li took one look over her shoulder and sat back fully on Christopher’s face just at the moment the machine hit the peak of one of its accompanying jolts. “One hour, seat? One hour. Three and twenty-four still. You know what that means by now! Giddyup!” Christopher had never been to any region that experienced earthquakes, but for him, the motion that he now experienced was what he imagined would be felt by those faced with such a natural disaster. The only redeeming feature was that he did not have to look at the gyrating ceiling. His vision was filled with greying oppression, for it was not exactly pitch black as the buttocks atop his face bounced rhythmically with the motion of the spinning and bucking seatmount. At such times and during such motion, Ms Li liked to keep her bottom planted firmly on the face beneath her, and she was expert in doing so. She did not allow the machine to have the upper hand as she ground down, pressing her heavy, moist and scented nether regions into every crevice and feature of the squashed face. Gravity as well as the motion assisted her in her task. She still gave the odd lift from the face, but only very slightly. She had learned that to go with the machine was better. She was mistress of the motion, so that the face beneath her absorbed all the impact of the gyrations; of the bucking, of the sheer squashing and pummelling process. All Christopher could see from time to time was a three-second vision of perfectly shaped buttocks as they lifted briefly from his face to give him the chance to breathe. They were magnificence itself.

The material of her bodystocking had now been forced well into her rear, cavernous, and most dark crevice as again and again she raised from the perspiring face beneath her. Yet, it was only ever for the all too brief three second period, and then BANG! Down came her bottom again for a further twenty-four seconds as her torso-breaking thighs gripped the sides of the spinning machine with immense strength. What was left of Christopher’s nose was forced well into her bottom, and now strained against the very thin barrier of her highly scented ass. And still the flesh of her thumping buttocks bore down as if to obliterated completely the face beneath her. She could have sworn that she heard Christopher groaning, but she could not be certain of anything she heard against the noise of the machine and her heavy panting as well as the hard slapping of her nylon coated buttock-flesh against the tortured face beneath her.

In fact, Christopher was groaning, although he knew very well that it was strictly against her rules and that his fate would be even worse if she were to hear him. He could not hold back. The strain and the stress of his suffering were more than he could endure silently. His face felt no more than a punch bag for a professional boxer. It simply absorbed the hits time after time after time after time, but without bouncing back ready for the next hit. It simply lay there, strapped down to the seatmount, as the oppressive, heavy, mashing buttocks did their worst. Ms Li was deliriously happy. Never had she had such a perfect sitting, not once in all those years with her tenant. She notched the machine up to level seven, and Christopher felt the acceleration increase once again. Ms Li thoughtfully guided his squashed nose between her buttocks into her deeper anal regions, and positioned herself so that his bruised mouth was pressed by her glistening but still shielded sex. She bounced; she ground down onto him; she pummelled him with the immense, fleshy orbs of her rear. Twenty-four seconds of extreme pressure was followed by the lift, and then came the CRASH as she slammed against him once more.

“Aahhhhhhhhhhh!” Ms Li cried out as her next shuddering orgasm rippled through her nether regions. Bringing the seatmount to a halt, she sat full weight on the pancaked face beneath her as if it did not exist. A cursory look from an outsider who had no knowledge of the events happening here might have led to that person to assume that the lady was merely sitting atop a leather bench, no more. But if that person had listened intently, he or she would have heard the weak yet desperate groaning from beneath the curvy buttocks.

Ms Li stood up in the stirrups and looked down, back over her shoulder, to the punished face beneath her. Christopher gasped as if he had just been released from a deep, waterlogged chamber many fathoms under the sea. His eyes were blackened around their rims, and the blood had dried around his nose. Lifting one thigh over his face, Ms Li took hold of a tissue and moistened it between her full lips. Mother-like, she then wiped Christopher’s face, paying careful attention to his nose, which she pinched between thumb and forefinger to pull upwards as if silently ordering it to regain its shape. It was not an act of concern for his welfare. Her bottom, bare next time, would very soon take it all, and so it was in Ms Li’s interests to make sure it was as prominent as possible. Christopher yelped, and received a hard slap across his face. “WHAT HAVE I TOLD YOU, SLOB?” Ms Li shrieked at him, and then picked up the wide leather strap that had remained lying across Christopher’s body despite the rotation of the seatmount. Its weight and thickness, no doubt, had been enough to prevent it being thrown off. THWACK! Ms Li brought the vicious strap down across Christopher’s face. Its tip sliced into his skin, and then she struck repeated blows to Christopher’s upper body. She concentrated on the area around his nipples, and it was not long before deep welts appeared. Ms Li’s eyes gleamed. Her passion was aroused, and with every blow she struck it built up towards a crescendo of arousal for her final mount of the day.

Chapter 5

Ms Li changed into skin-colored pantyhose. On top of this she wore a skimpy outfit consisting of a set of leather straps attached to a pair of leather panties, which themselves had what seemed to Christopher, as much as he could see out of the corner of his bruised eye, to be an attachment of some sort. She wore nothing else at all. Soon, Ms Li was dressed. The leather straps fitted snugly over her shoulders, and it appeared that their main purpose was to hold up the knicker attachment. She made a final adjustment to her hose and, satisfied that she was ready, Ms Li put her left leg into the stirrup nearest her. Very slowly, she straddled the face beneath her, looking down over her shoulder as she did so with a smile that made it clear how much she enjoyed what she was doing and what was to come next. It was the culmination of her day’s riding, and her seat had no idea what was going to happen.

Christopher saw the very dark crevice of Ms Li’s backside over him as the material parted. It hovered above him, inviting yet threatening. She wasted no time. SQUASH! Christopher’s face once again disappeared beneath the voluptuous derriere. Wriggling a little on the nose beneath her, Ms Li strapped Christopher’s face to her knicker attachment quickly, fully and thoroughly.

Christopher’s face was encased inside her buttocks, his lips pressed to her nylon-coated anus. Ms Li tightened the straps fully. The strain on the straps was clearly visible and, as tough as the leather of the knicker attachment was, it stretched around the back of Christopher’s head as his face was forced even more tightly into Ms Li’s backside. “AAAAHHHH!” Ms Li groaned as she felt Christopher’s nose give again. The positioning was perfect. His nose was right where she wanted it and she could feel his mouth against her anus. She started to grind her hips around and down onto him.

“Now, Christopher, we are ready for the next treatment.” Ms Li spoke as if she were a nurse talking simply but firmly to a patient. Christopher made no reply. He was just managing to draw small breaths under the musky pressure cooker that was now sat on his face. “Number eight!” With a small explosion of power, the seatmount kicked into life once more. This time, Ms Li could not lift off the prone face beneath her, but she still strained and went with the momentum. Now, at all times, Christopher’s face was well and truly attached to her bottom – and in fact it was far more than attached. His face was held so tightly against her, so merged with her bottom that her pantyhose had moulded itself into Christopher’s eye sockets.

Ms Li could feel that his nose was not only pressing tightly against her sphincter but the end of it had actually pressed through and into her. It was just what she wanted. She intended to keep it there with careful riding. “Nine, and? TEN!” Ms Li shouted as she moved the switch and the gyrations peaked at the maximum level the device could reach. At such a level, any rider should have been thrown from the machine. Ms Li, however, had the added stability of the heavy weight – Christopher’s body – attached firmly to her bottom. What might have happened if she had in fact lost her balance completely and fallen or been thrown across the room, could have been serious indeed. Christopher was, after all, strapped firmly onto the table-top, and being attached to Ms Li’s backside by the heavy leather knicker attachment and the strong leather straps, he would undoubtedly have suffered serious injury – or worse – if she fell. She was confident of being able to maintain her position, and yet she grinned evilly at the thought of what would happen if she did not.

“You’d better not dismount me Christopher!” she told him. “You might find it a bit uncomfortable! So, no wriggling! You’ll have to put up with being exactly where you are for at least the next hour? or two hours? or just as long as I decide to continue!” Over the next three hours, Christopher’s world was oppression itself. He could hardly breathe. He could not move. Straps from above were pulling his head upwards. Straps from below were pulling his head downwards. Leather encased his face and his head. His body was held tightly by the bonds on the seatmount, which seemed to have become tighter as a result of all the movement over the last few hours. Worst of all, his face was crushed by Ms Li’s ballooning and very heavy, damp, bottom, which itself seemed to be mocking the face that it dominated totally. It had no concern for the pathetic male features as it ground and pressed and bounced and wriggled on top of him. Ms Li was in absolute heaven. She reached orgasm again and then again, and this time she produced spurt after spurt of fluid at the height of her climax, filling Christopher’s mouth and flooding his already damp world inside the leather. Christopher fought the deluge, struggling to draw breath through his broken, half-buried and compressed nose. The sickly sweet smell of Ms Li’s bottom filled his senses, and once again he deeply regretted his decision to agree to any of this, although he had little time to consider it at this particular moment. In any case, there was no going back. The only slight relief came as Ms Li’s straining, climaxing body settled into a steady, rippling shudder of calmer pleasure. Her buttocks squeezed around his face briefly, and then relaxed. It was then that Christopher began to choke.

“Oh My!” Ms Li exclaimed as she switched off the machine, patting its side as if congratulating it on a job well done. “We can’t have you choking. Here, have another drink?” With those words, a torrent of piss hit the back of Christopher’s throat. The sudden release from her bladder was, to Christopher, more like the discharging of the full contents of an ocean-going tanker into his mouth. A minute passed, and still the gush of liquid did not stop. Two minutes passed, and then three, and then finally the flow decreased to a trickle and ended with no more than a few drops. Ms Li, generously she thought, released the straps over her shoulders and unstrapped the knicker attachment as she rose.

Christopher’s nose plopped out of her behind like a cork. Still, though, she pressed her sex over the mouth of her seat. Gulping down the last few drops that came from her, Christopher closed his eyes. Unconsciousness, which he had held off for so long now, was creeping up on him. His body, battered and starved of oxygen, wanted to hibernate. The darkness and peace it would bring would be welcome. It was not to be; at least, not yet. Several whacks of the strap across his exposed balls rapidly brought him back to full wakefulness. His sitter dismounted in one swift movement, dancing on her feet as she hit the ground with both of them at the same time, one hand still on Christopher’s chest. He winced with the pain. “Good! Excellent, in fact,” she told him with evident satisfaction. “Have an hour off, Christopher, but don’t think for one moment that I have finished with you. I’m really in the mood now. I’ll be back later.” Christopher stared at the ceiling without moving. Well, he thought, at least I have an hour. Ms Li unbuckled Christopher who crumpled to the floor at her feet.

He’d hit the floor hard, his arms outstretched to save himself only to find that they had no more strength in them than his legs. His face, the focus of Ms Li’s attention for so long, struck the carpeted floor with considerable force, and everything went black. Christopher found he could scarcely move. Quite apart from the pain in his face, he felt as if every muscle in his body had been strained, wrenched, torn and stretched far beyond the capabilities of any part of the human anatomy. If he had been lifting weights of many times his own bodyweight for the last few hours, or if he had been continually stretched on a mediaeval torture rack he would hardly have been any more uncomfortable than he felt.

Chapter 6

Christopher came to when Ms Li grabbed his arm, spun him round and slammed him face down across the seatmount. He felt her strong hands on his buttocks, pulling them apart roughly, and then one of her thick, rigid fingers pushing against his tight sphincter. He squealed in surprise at this totally unexpected intrusion. “Shut up,” warned Ms Li, “And keep still. Relax your muscles, or this is going to hurt a lot more.” Christopher tried, but the instinct to keep that particular muscle tight was too strong. Ms Li continued to push with increasing force until, suddenly, her finger was inside him. Christopher squirmed, despite her warning to keep still, as her finger made a brief examination of his anus. She withdrew it, leaving him trembling at the shock of what he had just endured. Gripping him firmly, she pressed her smallest finger onto the end of his urethra, wriggling it to open the tiny hole and to push the sides of the opening apart. Christopher gasped in discomfort, and then shrieked in pain and fear as she forced her finger a little way down into the hole. “That seems to be all right too,” commented Ms Li, seeming a little disappointed that she was unable to find fault.

Christopher had collapsed on the floor, clutching his genitals and moaning. “Oh do get up and stop making that awful noise,” Ms Li ordered. “Anyone would think I had actually hurt you.” Ms Li lubricated a large soft dildo and slid it up his anus slowly. He felt utterly violated. She began to strap him onto the seatmount once more.

Ms Li wore fresh thin black pantyhose and nothing else at all. She lowered them enough to slide Christopher’s face inside the fabric before pulling them up again. Christopher felt encased in nylon, his face forced between her ripe buttocks.  “Ready?” she asked, and then reached behind her for the controls. The motion of the seatmount began once more. Christopher already found it almost impossible to breathe.

Christopher was already dazed, his lungs screaming to be allowed enough air. It was not that he could not breathe at all, but his bruised and battered nose pressed against her spongy, clinging flesh could not draw in nearly sufficient for his needs. His mouth was completely blocked, and he was in danger of choking as her fluids flowed copiously. “A rising trot, I think,” murmured Ms Li after some minutes, and she began to rise and fall in time with the motion of the seatmount, landing smoothly but heavily on Christopher’s face as the seatmount neared the bottom of its downward movement and leaving him completely as it neared its maximum height at this setting. At least he could breathe if he timed it carefully, which was almost impossible for the first few minutes as he gasped and spluttered in an instinctive reaction to fill his aching lungs.

Finally he had it right, and Ms Li’s movements on top of him became almost pleasant. The pressure as she came down on him had lost the bruising force of the bouncing, crashing slam of her body against him. Her clinging, wet flesh welcomed his features into it each time she descended, moulding itself around him in a smothering yet sensual embrace, and the steady movement of the seatmount only served to enhance the experience. This, for Christopher, was his ultimate fantasy. This was how he had always imagined facesitting should be. It seemed that Ms Li was enjoying it too. She made tiny murmurs of pleasure as her body rose and fell, with occasional deep quivers as she pressed down onto him. Without being ordered to do it, Christopher opened his mouth and put out his tongue as she pressed onto him, reaching to find the areas he was sure would give her the most satisfaction. She gasped, and then “Good boy,” she muttered, pressing harder onto him as if to encourage his tongue deeper inside her. For many seconds she remained pressed onto him as the seatmount rose and fell, taking both of them up and down as if welded into one entity from which separation into their individual identities would never again be possible. The wetness increased, flowing into his mouth and choking him, but there was no way he could move to avoid it and now he was unable to breathe at all.

Christopher was barely conscious of what was happening, and becoming weaker by the second. When Ms Li finally shuddered, screamed, and the muscles in her thighs clamped onto him in a spasm that threatened to crush his skull, he registered nothing of the event at all. It was only when she eased back away from him, quivering and breathing heavily, that his senses started to return. “Let’s knock it up a level,” gasped Ms Li, and reached behind her for the controls. Ms Li slid backwards onto Christopher’s face once more. His mouth was covered by her resilient flesh and his tongue pressed into her once again. She adjusted her position to hold her seat more securely as the seatmount bucked and twisted. As she moved, Christopher’s battered and bruised nose was completely engulfed, sliding right inside her. Suffocation seemed inevitable.
Ms Li settled for a comfortable canter, her tights holding tightly to the sides of Christopher’s head for support, his face trapped in the wet, airless world underneath her. He was sure that this was the end of him. He could not possibly survive more than a minute or two in this position, and Ms Li was hardly likely to be satisfied with no more than a minute or two of anything. Fortunately for Christopher, Ms Li seemed unsatisfied with level three of her seatmount mechanism. She reached back and selected the fourth position on the controls, raising the level of the bucking and. Now, however, Ms Li’s ample rear end was bounced a fraction of an inch into the air whenever the seatmount made one of its more sudden and violent movements. Christopher was able to snatch the occasional gasp of air through his mouth, although his nose remained completely engulfed and the gripping of her muscles to hold her in place on the seatmount also pinched his nostrils so tightly that even if any air were to seep in he would be unable to breathe it.

“Go, boy, go!” screamed Ms Li in delight. “Umph? grumph,” came a muffled noise from Christopher as Ms Li’s fluids flowed copiously into his mouth just as he had the opportunity to suck in a little air when her backside lifted momentarily. Christopher could not see it, but the expression on Ms Li’s face was one of rapt concentration, much like a horse rider on a cross-country course beset with frequent obstacles. If anything else was going through her mind, none of it showed on her face, and yet from time to time her body shuddered, her thighs gripped, her muscles spasmed, and Christopher’s mouth was filled by a gush of her fluids. How long it continued, Christopher had no idea. When, finally, she stopped the motion of the seatmount and slid back off Christopher’s face, it was no longer daylight outside. “Excellent, young man,” she praised him. “A wonderful evening’s riding.” Ms Li dismounted and quickly removed the dildo from his anus and then walked out of the room.

Chapter 7

Christopher awoke early. He did not remember falling asleep nor, in fact, anything at all since Ms Li had clambered off his face the previous evening. He quickly found could not move his wrists or ankles, and it did not take him long to work out that he was still attached to the seatmount. The apartment was silent. Christopher was unsure what time it was, but judging by the dim light from the window it was not long after dawn. He desperately needed to go to the bathroom, but there was no way he could free himself. He waited, sure that Ms Li would come to release him shortly. The light in the room was steadily becoming brighter, and Christopher’s urge to visit the bathroom was steadily becoming increasingly urgent. He moaned aloud.

The door burst open and there stood Ms Li in her long, black nightdress. Even at this time of the morning; even desperate as Christopher was to get to the bathroom; even in such an uncomfortable position, his limbs and his body aching; even with Ms Li having just arisen from sleep and her hair and face not by any stretch of the imagination looking at her best; she looked absolutely magnificent. Christopher stared, awestruck. “How dare you awaken me at this hour of the morning? How dare you make noises like that in my house?” Clearly she was furious. She strode over to the seatmount and looked down at Christopher. “Well? What’s your sorry excuse for making such a noise?” “I’m sorry,” Christopher stammered. “I need to go to the bathroom. I can’t? I can’t hold it any longer. I’m sorry for disturbing you, but?”

“Rubbish,” snapped Ms Li. “You can hold it perfectly well. Did I give you very much to drink last night? I most certainly did not. You can’t possibly need to go.” She turned as if to leave, and then stopped as she noticed something. “So, you disgusting little man, that’s your problem, is it?” Christopher was mystified. He had no idea what she meant. It was only when she gripped his erection and scraped it most painfully with her fingernails that he realised. “No,” he assured her hastily. “It’s not that. Please don’t do that!” “It’s all men can think of,” she sneered. “Look at you.” She leaned forward and rested one elbow on the lower part of his abdomen as, apparently, she prepared to cause him some more serious pain with her fingernails. She never had the chance. “No? don’t?” gasped Christopher desperately. The pressure of her elbow pushing down onto his bladder was too much. A jet of urine shot skywards, and once started, Christopher was unable to stop. Ms Li seemed frozen in shock and horror. She did not even move out of the way until the jet had slowed to not much more than a trickle. “You disgusting boy,” she said slowly.

Ms Li stood beside the seatmount staring down at Christopher, an expression of total revulsion on her face. Her nightdress clung to her incredible body, outlining the shape of them. She shuddered, and with one quick motion, she pulled it off over her head and stood naked next to him. His eyes were, naturally, drawn to her solid, naked body. He only had a moment to look at her, because she slammed the wet nightdress down over his face and gathered up the edges so that many layers of the thin garment lay on top of him. “How would you like it if someone pissed all over you?” she demanded, and clambered up onto the seatmount. She crouched over his faced and released a stream of urine onto the nightdress that covered him. The flimsy material did little to stop the flow. Certainly it absorbed some of the liquid and quickly turned from a smooth, diaphanous covering to a heavy, waterlogged piece of cloth, the moisture spreading all through it and coming through it onto Christopher in a continuous deluge. His face was drenched.

Ms Li’s flow gushed on, and on, and on. Christopher choked and spluttered, yet still the flow did not stop. Without any need for Ms Li to press down on him, the weight of the urine-filled nightdress alone was enough to form an airtight seal around his face, and the liquid was now filling his eyes, his mouth, his nose; trickling down the sides of his face, soaking his hair and even finding its way into his ears. When the flow from Ms Li did stop, Christopher was not even aware of it. “Suck it,” shouted Ms Li, pressing down on the soaked nightdress with both hands and forcing it into Christopher’s mouth. Little by little, she squeezed almost the whole garment between his lips. At least his nose was clear and he could breathe once more, but the sheer volume of material in his mouth was half choking him. Christopher swallowed, desperately trying to clear some of the liquid from his mouth. Ms Li pressed the remainder of her wet nightdress into his mouth, pressed one hand firmly over it and with the other and one knee she squeezed his cheeks. It was only for a second or two, which was just as well because in addition to the liquid squeezed out of the nightdress and down his throat, he came close to swallowing the nightdress itself and choking. Ms Li forced his mouth open rapidly, gripped a corner of the material between finger and thumb and pulled it all out. She then sat firmly upon his face and released her own bladder into his mouth, causing Christopher to panic desperately, cough and choke.

“Disgusting boy,” Ms Li said again, clambered off the seatmount and went into the bathroom for a few minutes. She then went into the bedroom, and emerged wearing nothing but pantyhose, high heels and some kind of leather ankle bracelet. Ms Li undid the straps holding him.  “Come with me,” she ordered, not waiting for him to stand up properly, she attached his collar to her leather ankle bracelet and started walking. Christopher’s muscles were so stiff from being held in the same uncomfortable position for so long, that he could hardly crawl quickly enough to keep up. She kicked his balls and dragged him yelping and whimpering towards the bathroom door.  To Christopher’s surprise, Ms Li followed him into the bathroom and pushed him into a corner of the room. Ms Li started rubbing his penis and buttocks with a bar of soap. Christopher was facing the wall and said weakly. “I’m not sure how much more of this I can stand.”

“My dear boy!” Ms Li reached forward and put her hand on his shoulder. Christopher flinched as though she had hit him. “My dear boy,” Ms Li repeated. “I know it’s difficult, but you did agree to be my seat, and I did warn you that once you had made that decision there would be no turning back.” Christopher gulped. “I know,” he agreed. “I just didn’t realise?” His voice tailed off. “You did see Kahan’s position before I started with you, didn’t you?” asked Ms Li. “And you still decided to go ahead with this?” “Yes,” admitted Christopher. “So I don’t understand your problem,” said Ms Li. “You obviously find my body attractive, so what’s the matter?” “I don’t?” Christopher was still not able to put it into words. “You do find my body attractive,” confirmed Ms Li, and she reached forward and gripped his erection in one hand. Christopher gasped at her touch. “All right,” went on Ms Li. “I’m going to give you one more chance, and don’t think I would do this for everyone. I really like you, Christopher. You’re the best faceseat I’ve ever had, and that includes old Kahan. You can leave if you really want. In fact, you can leave right now. Do you want to leave, Christopher?”

As she spoke, Ms Li turned and reached into her bathroom closet. Ms Li appeared to be taking something from the closet and slipping it on but the door prevented Christopher from seeing what it was. He shivered. She stepped towards him, and Davis saw that she’d slipped into a large strap-on. Dildo. Forcing Christopher into the corner, she grasped him roughly and turned him round, pulling his backside up so that he was forced into a kneeling position, his forehead on the floor of the shower and his buttocks in the air.

Ms Li slid the large dildo between Christopher’s lubricated buttocks. He felt a thrill of pleasure coupled with deep humiliation. Ms Li began a slow and steady back and forth motion. “Do you want to leave, Christopher?” she asked. “Do you want to leave right now?” “Please, Ms Li,” begged Christopher weakly. “I can’t?” “Oh but you can,” she assured him, gripping his erection as she pushed more firmly, increasing the tempo. Her other hand was now firmly around his left nipple, her fingers gripping. “Do you want to leave, Christopher?” she said yet again. “Now, Christopher. Make a decision now.” Her hips moved faster.

The sensations that went through Christopher were indescribable. No one, not any of the girls he had ever been with, had ever made him feel quite the way that Ms Li was making him feel right at that moment. “Do you want to stay, Christopher?” asked Ms Li. Christopher’s legs were trembling. Nothing mattered at that moment except what Ms Li was doing and the closeness of her solid, rounded body. “Yes? Oh, yes! OH YES! Oh Ms Li, I LOVE? Aaargh.” It was inevitable, of course. With the word “yes” from Christopher, Ms Li’s hips became a blur of motion. Christopher reached a climax instantly, and as he did Ms Li shifted her position and really ground into him. Christopher squealed in discomfort. “Urgh! Don’t!” he wailed as she gripped his nipples harder and drove into him.

“Get it all out,” she demanded, all her gentleness of a few moments ago gone completely. “I won’t be doing this again today, so you’d better empty those balls and forget any ideas of having sex with me. Got it?” Christopher squealed and wriggled, but his arms and legs were weak and aching, and she held him firmly. There was nothing he could do until she decided to release him. It was at least fifteen minutes later when she did. He fell, sobbing, to the floor of the shower, his legs unable to support him at all. “Pathetic,” said Ms Li. “Come here. Lick my shoes clean.” Christopher feebly licked the leather until Ms Li sat down on the toilet seat behind him. She thrust the long heel of her shoe in and out of his backside, twisting and rotating it, withdrawing it, before thrusting it back into him again. Christopher moaned continuously, with little squeals when she was particularly energetic in her efforts. Finally, she was satisfied.

“There. Nice and clean. Finish washing and anything else you want to do in the bathroom, and be in the kitchen in five minutes. You have another ten minutes after that to eat, drink, and be back by the seatmount. Don’t be late.” Ms Li left the bathroom. Christopher sat down on the floor, clasping his anus in agony. She put her head around the door and shouted at him: “Hurry UP! And don’t have too much drink with your breakfast. We don’t want a repetition of this morning, do we?”

Chapter 8

As he headed for the kitchen, Christopher glanced at the front door. All sorts of thoughts were going through his mind. Should he leave? All he had to do was to rush to the door, and thirty seconds later he would be back in his own apartment. After that, Ms Li could shout at him all she liked; there would be nothing to compel him to return. True, it could be difficult having a landlady who was unhappy with him, but even that was not an insurmountable problem. He could always move. There were plenty of apartments available for rent. And yet? The image of Ms Li sprang into his mind, sculpted in her pantyhose. No woman had ever made him feel quite the way she made him feel when she did that to him. Surely she would not have done that if all Christopher was to her was a convenient face seat? Even if her interest in him was primarily as a face seat, that was, after all, what he had always wanted. It was his fantasy, his ultimate fantasy, and always had been. The pain and discomfort was incidental. He thought of Ms Li’s solid buttocks descending onto his face, her strong thighs gripping his head, her repeated orgasms – and what orgasms they were! Would he ever find a woman who came close to her? Would he even find a woman who would sit on his face at all? Despite everything that had happened to him since he entered Ms Li’s apartment, the thought of spending the rest of his life without ever again being underneath a female like her was depressing indeed. But even so? how long could he endure the pain of Ms Li’s weight pressing down onto him as the seatmount bucked and gyrated? She seemed to be insatiable. Sooner or later she would do serious damage to him, if he did not suffocate underneath her first. No man could endure twenty-three hours out of every twenty-four strapped helplessly to that seatmount, and more than half of that time with Ms Li seated heavily on his face. It would be madness to stay.

Ms Li appeared, dressed in pantyhose and carrying a crop. The seatmount was scrupulously clean. There was a slight smell of disinfectant, yet still, behind it, was a definite odour of urine that still lingered. Ms Li said nothing. Christopher was fairly sure he had taken no longer than he should have done. As Ms Li remained silent, he lay on the seatmount on his back without being ordered, and positioned his arms and legs ready to be strapped in.  Ms Li secured him. Afterwards, Ms Li walked slowly around the device, tapping various parts of Christopher’s anatomy with the end of her riding crop. He flinched each time the crop struck him, but he made no sound or any move to avoid it.

“Excellent,” said Ms Li and took her position on top of Christopher, facing his feet as she had done for the previous rides. Her nylon bottom pressed painfully against his still tender nose. It was going to take a long time for it to heal properly, and if she continued to ride him as she had done yesterday, there was a good chance it would never heal at all. Christopher was suddenly worried that a repeat of the same sort of treatment would lead to rapid and serious damage to him. “Please?” Ms Li raised from him and twisted to look down at him. “What? I don’t like to be interrupted when I’m about to start my ride.” “My nose? It’s very painful. It’s not going to heal if you?” “Do shut up,” she said curtly. “I’m going to make the most of you, Christopher, while I’m in a riding mood. There will be plenty of time for your nose to recover when I move on to other things in a day or two.” She did not wait for him to reply.  She sat down hard on him, quite deliberately, it seemed to Christopher, pressing even harder onto his face than she had a moment ago. She reached for the controls and moved the slider to level one.

The motion started. After no more than a few minutes, the pain in Christopher’s face was so intense that he wanted to scream. He did scream, over and over again, and Ms Li’s solid, tight buttocks absorbed most of the noise. If she heard, she did not react. Fifteen minutes later, Christopher was past screaming. He lay almost in a stupor, the pain no longer registering and his only sensation was that of being pounded over and over again by those huge, magnificent buttocks. All perception of reality had gone. Nothing mattered; nothing existed; except those enormous, fleshy orbs that for Christopher might just as well have been disembodied entities with a will of their own, pounding and pressing relentlessly. They were terrible creatures of torment; they were wonderful, voluptuous, sexual spirits whose only intent was to embrace him and love him; they were cushions, pillows, clouds; covering, smothering, bouncing, pressing, squeezing, crushing?

Christopher had no idea when Ms Li reached for the controls of the seatmount and turned up the settings. It was several hours later that he realised he was being spun around and well as bucked up and down. He had no idea either when she changed her clothes. At some point she must have stopped the mechanism and dismounted; in fact, it must have happened several times although Christopher had no idea when or for how long she was away from him. At various times during the morning he registered that the fleshy nylon buttocks on him had taken on a different quality now. They seemed tender and nourishing; they seemed to pull his face between them, relieving the pain on his nose briefly until he went deeper and a much harder boniness slammed against him.

At some point he had an orgasm, although as far as he knew nothing had touched his penis other than possibly the tip of Ms Li’s riding crop with which she whipped and slapped from time to time as if to urge her mount forward. It stopped. Everything stopped. Fresh air flooded over him. The motion had ceased, and the weight on him was gone. There was an odd smell. Flowers? Leaves? It took him many minutes to realise that Ms Li had opened the window, and it was the smells from outside that were filling the room, pushing out the stale smells of sweat, urine, Ms Li’s juices, and semen. There was movement in the room. Something wet and cold slapped across Christopher’s face, and he cried out in sudden fear.

“Be quiet,” Ms Li told him gently. “I’m only cleaning you up a bit. You’re a mess.” She rubbed gently at his face with the damp cloth, dipping it into a bowl of water she had put beside him on the seatmount, wringing it out and then continuing to wipe his face thoroughly and methodically. Christopher stared up at her whenever the cloth was not obscuring his vision, his eyes fixed on her face as she worked on his. “Thank you,” he said quietly. “All done,” she announced, and kissed him briefly on the forehead. “Do you want to go to the bathroom?” she asked, “And would you like something to eat or drink?” “No?” Christopher told her. “I’m fine. Thank you.” “We’ll just clean you up down here.” Ms Li took the cloth again and turned her attention to his groin. She wiped all around his genitals, and then reached underneath him and slid the damp cloth between his buttocks several times, holding his penis and testicles up out of the way with her other hand as she did.
“All right?” She straightened up and looked down at him. “Are you sure you don’t want to go to the bathroom, or just have a break for a short while? It’s going to be a long afternoon. I enjoyed this morning so much. I’m really hoping that I can enjoy it even more after lunch.” “I’m fine here,” said Christopher, and he meant it. He was not at all sure what he felt, but he knew that for the moment at least his body was completely at rest. If he moved, the tranquillity he was feeling would be gone. He hoped that he could maintain this perfect equilibrium throughout Ms Li’s afternoon riding. In fact, he was sure that he could, as long as nothing changed to interfere with it. “Don’t be long,” he added. “I love you….”

Ms Li nodded at him and left, taking with her the bowl of water and the cloth; her divine rounded buttocks undulating beneath their customary nylon sheath. Christopher knew that he had come to a place of spiritual fulfilment; and that being smothered by Ms Li’s pantyhose ass was as close to bliss as he would ever get. Those precious moments when he could scarcely breathe gave him a yearning to suffocate beneath his mistress and he now knew what true devotion and utter loyalty meant.